Heartbreak Hotel

I spent a good portion of the evening in the little breakfast nook area of my hotel trying to catch up on e-mails and complete blog posts, etc.

My “boyfriend”, Guglielmo, was working tonight and he chilled a Pinot Grigio Ann left me and heated up my leftovers from last night and essentially doted over me the whole evening.

It has actually been interesting to watch the men at the hotel and elsewhere as they can be very attentive to details and seem to enjoy performing certain acts that would be seen as traditionally feminine or domestic in the U.S.

Guglielmo naturally made several attempts to get a little fresh with me but stayed on the right side of the line and respected my signals and words.  There were several comments along the lines of it being a shame that I was going to bed alone, etc!  Cheeky guy!

As I headed upstairs a little while ago, at about 1:30, he informed me that he would not be back to the hotel until Friday.  Well, I am leaving on Monday (I think!) so there was a bit of a staircase scene of fairwells.

All in all, these Italian men are just too funny!  They never give up!  It has been very interesting to see how easy the words and affection just ooze out of them.

I must admit that they have all been excellent huggers, none of this stiff armed “My arms have formed a circle around you therefore this is a hug” stuff, they are full on envelopers and know just how long, and where, to linger without getting too fresh. It is an art in itself!

In regards to their performance elsewhere in the acts of romance? Well, so far this trip there has been nothing beyond “G” rating, but I am not the type to kiss and tell, either, so you may never know.

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