La cena, and then some


Ann and I ate and drank so much on Thursday I thought I would burst!  It was like an Italian Thanksgiving day!  Mamma Mia!

For lunch we ate at one of my favorite spots “Gigi” which is near school and has the best Penne all’Arrabbiata I think I have ever had!  We both had the penne and shared a half litre of vino rosso della casa and the bill came to €20, in total.

After walking around a bit, we headed to an enoteca for a couple of glasses of Rosso di Montepulciano and then headed to walk the wall for a bit (I will discuss the walls of the town in a future post).

Then we headed to Ann’s hotel for a bottle of prosecco and shortly thereafter it was time for dinner!

Dinner was at “da Francesco” which is one of the more popular restaurants here in Lucca. We had an appetizer each, a main dish, another half litre of red wine, and a big bottle of water.  I had the rabbit and Ann had grilled fish.  The total meal came to €50 and was presented to us on a scrappy piece of cardboard which I found very humorous but was lost on the wait staff!

We shut down “da Francesco”, and Lucca, at about midnight.

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