Lucca’s antifeatro

Lucca is famous for a few things, its massive red brick walls that are essentially perfectly intact dating back to 1504-1645 (among the best preserved walls in Europe), its tranquil bicycle-loving environment, and its anfiteatro.

The anfiteatro is an arena shaped piazza and harkens back to the Romans that founded the town.  Similar to the coliseum, the anfiteatro was used for entertainment and there are numerous gateways where the gladiators and beasts once entered.   The anfiteatro has long since evolved into something of a round/oval piazza and there is no longer any evidence of a slope or depression in its center.

This morning Ann and I decided to climb one of the towers in town to get a perspective of the city and some shots of the antifeatro.  Oddly enough, however, one can’t actually get a good “well-rounded” (pun intended) view of the antifeatro from any of the towers.  We were a bit put out about this as there are many postcards around town showing aerial views but they must be taken from rooftops or a helicopter or something.

Anyway, the view from above was beautiful, so can’t complain.  I will included a photo of one of the postcards seen about town.

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