Torre del Lago Puccini

Regrettably, Ann had to leave Lucca today at about 12:30.  However, while I was at the bus station with her I told her that there was apparently a bus to the town where Puccini’s adult home is at Torre del Lago.  She asked why I didn’t ask about the schedule while I was waiting with her.

Sure enough a bus was leaving about a 1/2 hour after hers so I decided to make the trip.

The bus from Lucca to Torre del Lago is just 1/2 an hour and then there is about another 1/2 hour on foot to the house.

The avenue you need to take to the house is “Viale G. Puccini” and all the side streets on the way there are named after his operas!

I arrived at the lake at about 2:00 and found that there are very specific entry times.  As such, I walked around a bit. The lake is really quite nice and there is a sizeable, modern, open-air theatre where summer concerts are held.

Promptly at 3:00 I was allowed into the house with just two other visitors.  It is an audio tour of about eight rooms and lasts 40 minutes.

The house is where all the operas except Turandot were written.  Puccini had several homes and Turandot was partially written in nearby Viareggio but he died of throat cancer (from smoking!) after an operation in Belgium before it was finished.  It was completed by Franco Alfano from notes Puccini left.

Puccini had one son, Antonio, who kept the house intact and everything within is authentic with the exception of one room, between the piano room and the gun room, that was converted into a chapel one year after Puccini’s death and his coffin was transferred here from Belgium.  In total, Puccini, his wife, his son, and his son’s wife are all buried in this chapel in the middle of he house.  A bit strange!

When I returned to Lucca, I discovered a concert of opera arias in one of the churches so flew off to listen.  Magic!!!

I will include some additional shots of cakes and bread I found around town depicting Puccini or his operas and some shots of the how the teatro has been lit to commemorate the reopening of the casa.

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