Le mura di Lucca (the walls)

The fortified walls that encircle Lucca were built in 1504-1645 but were never used for defensive purposes and were demilitarized during the Napoleon era and since then act as a public walkway.

The walls are continuous and in remarkable shape! There is a double avenue of trees on the wall which creates a most attractive promenade.  The total length of these ramparts is about 4 kilometres / 2.5 miles and there are people constantly taking advantage of this wonderfully peaceful “park” for walking, and cycling, etc.

Today was actually a rainy day in Lucca.  I think this is my second rainy day since arriving in Italy! I had intended to go to a nearby town called Montecatini Terme but the weather put me off.  So, one of the things I did instead was rent a bicycle to enjoy the wall.   To me, overcast weather is perfect for cycling (and gardening) as no worries about the sun, and if it rains, so what!

I had so much fun!  Ann and I had discussed renting bikes, especially as tandems are available and I thought that could be really funny, but we never got around to doing it.

I spent two solid hours flying around the top of the wall.  I started in one direction, then I flipped around and went the other way to enjoy a different perspective.  Then, I rolled down one of the ramps into town and exited one of the ports and low and behold there is also a path that encircles the town outside of the city walls!  What a delight!  So I did that, too.

In the middle of all of this there was a huge downpour which just added to the fun!  I was singing O’ Sole Mio and O Mio Babbino Caro and having a great time!

It has been so long since I have been on my bike that I forgot how much fun it was!  I am sure I will regret it tomorrow, though, as no doubt I was using muscles I haven’t used in a while and I really missed my racing saddle!

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