Just like any schoolgirl returning home…

One of the comforts of being away at school is that you are always welcomed home, and just like any schoolgirl, I landed in on my mother with suitcases bursting with dirty laundry!

It was so cold last night that I had to put on the electric blanket!  Mamma Mia!  I do love an electric blanket though!

This morning I unloaded my suitcases, did my laundry, piled the dining room table with about 50 lbs of schoolbooks, took a long hot shower in the largest shower I have been in for about 7 weeks (but still considered small compared to U.S.) and headed into town!

I love the walk into Dublin.  There is one Georgian house I pass that always has a lovely garden and currently the agapanthus is blooming, I will add a photo.

It is cold!  Only about 55 degrees and quite breezy!  I had on long sleeves and a fleece jacket!  Like a doofus, I forgot to bring my umbrella so naturally it started raining in the afternoon.  That’s Ireland!  I know I will enjoy it in a few days as it is great walking weather, but a big change from Italy!

My main goal was to get to Vodaphone and sort out an internet key.  As evidenced by this post, all went well!

When I arrived home my mother had made a Shepherd’s Pie!  One of my all time favorite things!   She also decided to swipe a little bag I bought at “MyWalit” which is a little shop in Lucca that has cute leather goods.  My friend Ann also bought a few little things from them while she was visiting me in Lucca.

Oh well, just another reason for me to go back to Italy!!

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