Donnybrook not so fair

Yesterday my mother and I walked to Donnybrook which is the next village over and has quite a nice upscale supermarket.  She also needed to get a new prescription from her doctor for eyedrops she needs to take prior to the cataract surgery and his office is along the same road.

“Donnybrook Fair” is the name of the market and they have just regular old soup in there for €5.95 ($9.00!) and Chianto Classico for €18-20 which I was able to get in Siena for about €4-6.  I would always have thought this was expensive, but now that I am watching my pennies more closely, and have seen how reasonable some food in Italy can be, these prices are just ridiculous to me!

Anyway, we forget to get milk and I meant to get some stamps at the Post Office and forgot those, too.  So when we got back to Ballsbridge (where my mother lives) I told her I would run back out for the milk and stamps in Ballsbridge village.

As we were unloading the groceries and she was taking her wallet out from her jacket pocket, I asked her if she had money handy for the milk and seemingly that was the straw that broke the camel’s back for this visit.

Just the day before she pinched the new little bag I had bought in Lucca and I am also supposed to paint a room in her country house, but instead I am now on the “outs” over milk.  If she had remembered to buy the milk in Donnybrook she would gladly have paid and there wouldn’t have been a problem.

What to do!?

Donnybrook Fair

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