A sunny spell, but the winds are still ominous

At about lunchtime today, my mother and I headed to County Louth to spend a few days in her country cottage.

The communication has been stiff since the milk incident so I was given warning last night that she was heading here and that I could come if I wanted, or if I didn’t want to that was fine with her, too!  Jeez!

Then today I had a 20 minute warning that she was getting ready to leave!

Anyway, thank God for this house as she just loves it and her mood has changed considerably since we arrived!  It is her haven and she has a lovely garden that she has fussed on for many years.

It was a beautiful, sunny day to coincide with the change in mood, but the winds are still whipping around at a good speed so I’m not ready to call things settled by any means. We’ll see what tomorrow brings!

The garden is heading into the tail end of the season and as the summer wasn’t very sunny things seem to be dying off a bit earlier than normal.  It is still very nice, though, and at least the garden adds quite a bit of ‘extension’ onto the house in terms of places to roam so not as confined as being in Dublin 🙂

The photos I’ll attach will be a mix from today and other visits when things were in bloom.  There are three different doors on the house, all red!

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1 Response to A sunny spell, but the winds are still ominous

  1. Ann says:

    Such gorgeous photos!

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