A walk in the wind

We are getting the tail end of Hurricane Katia here in Ireland.  The winds moved in Monday night and I had difficulty sleeping!

Tuesday the winds were still very strong, about 50mph.  By late afternoon I couldn’t take being housebound anymore and had to go for a walk.

My mother’s property ends at a little river which serves as the border between County Louth and County Meath.  I headed into Meath for my walk and attached are some photos of the locals; it is primarily cow country, but a few sheep, too!

Most of the cows and bulls I came across were fairly young and therefore skittish. One field of young bulls (they are the darker “cows” seen in some of the attached photos) just high-tailed it when I got close to the fence!  Funny how tough they get when they are older!

When my mother bought her property about 30 years ago, there was no garden and the land was terribly overgrown.  She borrowed two cows, Polly and Alice, from a neighbor and they chewed everything down in a few months.  They were a funny pair, Alice was the brains and Polly the brawn.  Alice would stand next to a point in the hedgerow near the river end of the property and Polly would push away at the brush and scrub until they broke through to the river!  Escapees!!

Polly and Alice would also come up to the house at night to say warm and would frighten the bejesus out of me by staring in the window!

There is also pheasant shooting around here and I found a pretty worn out sign stating “Land Preserved Killary Gun Club” indicating that they hunt in this field.

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