This post is largely for my friend Ann who has heard me go on about “batch”!

“Batch” is a type of bread made in a bakery in Ardee, County Louth.  It doesn’t sound all that amazing, it is just a white loaf, and I suppose they started calling it “batch” for lack of something more imaginative; after all, it just begins from a batch of dough.

I don’t know what they do to the dough, though, or if there are fairies or elves or some other “little people” sneaking around in the bakery sprinkling fairy dust into the mix because what comes out of the oven is from some other world!  I could live on batch till the day I die!  I just love it!

What pushes batch into the stratosphere, however, is to toast it and then spread butter and marmite on top!  Lord Almighty!!!  There is nothing better!

I can’t imagine how many loaves of batch my mother has dragged from Ardee to Dublin when I visit.  There is always at least one loaf in the freezer in case of a catastrophic emergency (i.e. we run out of fresh)!

We bought all three of the loaves that were available today and dragged them to Dublin with us!


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1 Response to Batch

  1. Ann says:

    Okay. Yum! That looks absolutely delicious! though still don’t know about the marmite. 🙂

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