The eyes have it

My mother and I headed back to Dublin yesterday afternoon as she had a cataract removed today.

We headed out to the hospital this morning at about 7:00 am. You know you have acclimatized to the weather here when you actually declare out loud that the 47° temperature is lovely!

All went well with the surgery, thank goodness, and as this is the second eye my mother has had done I assume it is all finished.  I asked her if cataracts can come back and she said she has no idea!  I would think that would be something one would ask!

She is a bit zonko from whatever medications they gave her so I expect she will sleep the rest of the day.  For the next week or so, she has to wear a thing over her eye when she sleeps that looks like the lens from one half of a ski mask.

What got me laughing today was that the nurse went over some important information with me:

  • my mother has to wear this cup thing, or glasses, if she goes out in the wind (something that can’t possibly be avoided if you go outside at all!)
  • she has to avoid bending over;  i.e. to pick up a golf ball!!
  • she has to avoid weight lifting!

The nurse didn’t appreciate that I found the above funny, this is all a very serious matter. The “weight lifting” comment really just means that she shouldn’t lift anything that has much weight, all of the above essentially mean don’t do anything that might cause pressure on the eye but the phrasing just got me going today.

It didn’t help that there was this other woman in the post-op area with my mother that was only about 4 ½ feet tall, and full of spunk.  I got to talking to her while we were waiting to be formally discharged and she exclaimed “Magnificent Jesus!  They put exactly 15 drops in my eye, I thought it would float away before they could get to working on it!”

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