Food trucks

Food trucks have hit Ireland!

Do you remember years ago when the idea of the food truck was repulsive?  It used to be that the only truck worth talking about was the ice cream truck!  Oh, the joy of hearing that hurdy-gurdy music right before dinner!

Nowadays, anything goes from these trucks and it is really almost a cultish thing; so much so that now some trucks deliberately move location so you have to be hip to where they might be today (with the help of an iphone app or some such thing).

I give credit to Portland, Oregon for reviving and repositioning the concept of the food truck.  I am not sure if they are really the city that got trucks going, but it seems to me that they have been at it a lot longer than most other places and have developed quite the reputation for their innovative food scene.  My friend Ann and I were out there a couple of years ago and there were countless trucks serving up all sorts of culinary delights.

I haven’t been able to sample the Dublin trucks as of yet as I always seem to be in a rush when I go by them!!

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