Knobs and Knockers

“Knobs and Knockers” is probably the most photographed shop in Dublin.  It is a shop on Nassau Street (a very popular street that runs perpendicularly off the bottom of Grafton Street) that sells knobs, and knockers, and hinges, and house numbers; you get the idea. Mostly brass hardware items, and some wrought iron and other knick-knack things.

The name is obviously very clever, to such a point that about 10 years ago someone got the bright idea to actually start making T-shirts which are now also available for purchase from the shop.

Also along Nassau Street is “Kilkenny Design” which is a great shop for buying various housewares, crystal, woolens, and some jewelry made by Irish hands.   There is also a pretty decent lunch-time restaurant upstairs.

At the far end of the street is a place called “Henry Jermyn” which is men’s clothier.  I mention this shop for two reasons.  Firstly, because it is a good example of how daring many Irish businessmen can be in terms of color.  I like that they can be bold about their socks, ties, and suit lining without fear of their sexuality being questioned.

Secondly, this shop used to be “Greene’s” bookstore back when I was young and attending boarding school in Ireland.  At the beginning of the new term, we all had to head to Greene’s with our booklist.  They supported most of the schools in Dublin and the neighboring counties.  All you had to do was tell them the name of your school and the year (grade) you were entering and they would know by heart what you needed and would fly around the shop gathering up all the books!  We never really needed to bring the list, but I think it was a matter of pride for them to have you check everything off and see that they were perfectly accurate!

I am not sure where kids get their books today, I assume at one of the larger shops or on-line or something.  It is a bit sad to see some things disappearing due to how the world evolves.

BTW – Henry Jermyn was being scrapped for a new paint job which is why it looks a bit ragged in the photo!

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