The tart with the cart

“The Tart with the Cart” is one of the many names for the Molly Malone statue found at the bottom of Grafton Street .

Many Americans and other foreigners are so familiar with the song (for whatever reason) that it seemed almost obligatory for a statue to be made.

The statue did not go over well with Dubliners as the lore is that Molly sold a lot more than what was in her cart.  She is also simply spilling out of the top of her dress so there is a lack of appreciation as to why anyone would be behind such a trampy statue.  As such, she has many unflattering nicknames.

  • The Dish with the Fish
  • The Trollop with the Scallop
  • The Dolly with the Trolly
  • The Flirt with the Skirt

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