The Vikings invaded Ireland just as they did most other countries around Northern Europe / the Northern Atlantic and one of the city tours offered in Dublin is aptly named “Viking Splash Tours” ( They have about five or six amphibious ‘duck’ boats from the WWII era and depart from St. Stephen’s Greene.

For years I have been watching the tourists roaring and cheering from these boats as they round corners and head down the streets of Dublin.

Last year my mother and I were in town on a gloriously beautiful day and one of the boats went by and I asked my mother had she ever taken the tour? “No.”  I asked her if she would be interested in trying it, “Oh yeah!!”.  So off we went!

We had so much fun!  My mother was dying laughing most of the time!.  When you board, you get a Viking helmet which may or may not have both its horns, which is just the beginning of the fun.

The tour guides are very funny and part of the schtick is that those on the boat are the Vikings and everyone else is a Celt and you have to roar at the Celts at certain times during the trip in an effort to invoke fear.  It is very funny!

In the meantime, you also get a pretty good tour around the sites of Dublin and the boat actually does go into the River Liffey at one point and past U2s recording studio which is on the banks of the river.

If you ever have the chance, it is a lot of fun!

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