Austerity programs?

Throughout all this Euro/Greek/world economic crisis coverage it has been interesting to hear the positive comments being made on this side of the Atlantic in regards to Ireland’s ability to hold to the commitments they made on their austerity agreement(s). If only the Greek discussions had started earlier, or had been more assertive, or whatever has really gone wrong with that situation.  I guess we’ll never really know the truth about what happened there!

In spite of all the cutbacks, some money is no doubt being recirculated back into the Irish economy as I have seen a number of changes since I was here this past May.

Some things are small, like a lot of new signage around Dublin indicating where museums and other local attractions are located (i.e. I never knew about the “Leprechaun Museum” until I saw that sign about a week ago!) and there are new electronic monitors at the bus stops indicating when the next bus is due, etc.

Lastly, there is roadwork!  The attached photo shows repaving through Ballsbridge that just began about two days ago.

Who knows where all this European crisis will end but let’s hope the other faltering countries can buckle down to agreements and act before things slip too far!

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