Wonderful, wonderful, Copenhagen!

I am in Copenhagen!  “Friendly old girl of a town”, “Salty old queen of the sea”  and all that the song says.

My friend Leslie is here in Europe so I have come to join her in Denmark for a few days. It is a bit of a long story about how her original vacation plans had to be altered due to work commitments (don’t you just hate work?!) and she had to rejig her plans a bit and decided to visit Copenhagen as she had never been before and it has been on her short list.

Ditto!  So, for me, this is a pleasant surprise!  I had been in Ireland wondering where I could escape to for a little while and had actually been considering Tallinn (Estonia) or Copenhagen but was worried that it was too late in the season and the weather would be cold and rainy.  As it so happens, there is a bit of an Indian summer running across northern Europe and the weather has been glorious and is expected to stay this was during my visit to Denmark.  Perfect!

We both arrived mid-afternoon and spent much of the afternoon and evening getting lost!!!  It is the blasted crazy names, God knows how to pronounce anything and too many words look alike and God knows what else is wrong with us because at this stage I speak 1 ½ languages and Leslie speaks 3 languages, fluently!

Anyway, just a few photos to get things rolling.  My proof of being on Copenhagen is the giant Lego!

Beer here is by the liter of ½ litre (yikes!!!).

It is also very pretty expensive, like most Scandinavian countries.  We had a fairly light dinner for 800 Danish Kroner which is about $150 ($75 per).  Hmmm!!!???

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