Hop On Hop Off, Copenhagen

Leslie and I spent the last two days hopping on and off all the “Hop On, Hop Off”‘s available in Copenhagen!

I am not sure what city started the “Hop On, Hop Off” notion but they are normally double-decker buses that go past the key attractions of any city and you can hop off and on over the course of two days or so and visit the sights.  It is an ideal way to orient the tourist to a new city, especially when the language and maps are very confusing!

We also decided to spring for a day’s worth of internet which is how I am posting tonight.

In addition to the “Hop On” bus is a a “Hop On” boat.  We bought the “Freedom Ticket” which allowed travel on both.  The boat brings one through some lovely waterways including Christianshavn which is where the military was once based and has since been landfilled a bit and is now a mix if very desirable neighborhoods, bohemian neighborhoods, and waterways filled with houseboats.  The opera house is also in Christianshavn, directly across the water from the queen’s residence.

The weather has been extraordinarily beautiful!  Perfect for a cruise through the canals of Copenhagen!

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