Old Town Copenhagen

We were in Gråbrødretorv Platz last night for a drink and tonight for dinner.  It is in the “old town” of Copenhagen.

Leslie and I came across the square late yesterday and had a couple of litres of beer (!!), then returned tonight for dinner as the square is really beautiful.  It reminds me of the Gamla Stan (the old town) in Stockholm.

Yesterday we drank at Husk Fluks (the large pumpkin colored building in the slide show) and tonight we ate at Peder Oxe where one of the menu options was buying your wine buy the measure (i.e. the lines on the bottle).

We started dinner with a fantastic chanterelle mushroom appetizer (the photo is after I ate half!) and I followed with duck, one of my favorites, and Leslie had Artic Char.  It was all very delicious albeit a bit on the expensive side, but the atmosphere of the restaurant and the platz was worth it!

The platz is also a wonderful place for people watching!

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