Ghosts, poltergeists, or other such phenomena

When I was in Ireland my mother was telling me that the brother of one of her friends recently built a house on land that was once a graveyard and the house is now haunted.

There is a bedroom upstairs used by one of the children and every night there is a huge thump that sounds like the kid fell out of bed but when they go up to check on her she is sound asleep.

The noise is so loud and happens every night and they grew concerned that perhaps there was a structural issue with the house.   They have had everyone from engineers to other builders over to assess the house but no one can determine what is causing the disturbance.  The conclusion was that the house is haunted so they have even had an exorcist come and do whatever it is they do to purify the place.  (Yes, there really are officially trained exorcists within the Catholic church).  Nothing seems to solve the problem, the banging persists!

Now, here in Copenhagen, Leslie and I are suffering from a possessed television.  The thing just flips channel whenever it feels like it or starts to scroll and go zig-zaggy without any warning, etc.

After returning from Malmö we had a drink in town and then another in the hotel and then decided as we were still fairly full from lunch that we would just watch a movie and pack as we were both leaving Copenhagen on Monday.

We got all set up and started the movie when the poltergeist visited the TV.  We finally had enough of this thing so called downstairs and the funniest fellow came up to try and solve the problem to no avail.  He was extremely apologetic and said that maybe he could find someone in the hotel who had seen the movie and could come and act it out for us!  We finally just settled on some free drinks!

Prior to arriving in Copenhagen, I couldn’t tell you the last time I had a beer (I’m a wine girl), but “when in Denmark…”.  I have no idea how much beer I have had in the last few days, but asking for a ½ liter of beer sounds very normal now!

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1 Response to Ghosts, poltergeists, or other such phenomena

  1. Jennie says:

    Naw!! If I’d known about this earlier I’d have taken the train down there to see you!! ❤

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