Malmö, Sweden

Fortunately, over the years Denmark and Sweden seemed to have resolved their issues and put their feuding to rest.  What this means for the common traveler is that there is now a bridge between the two countries and one can travel from Copenhagen to Malmö by car or train in about 40 minutes.  So, Leslie and I headed to Malmö on Sunday for a day trip / lunch.  This is actually my second visit to Sweden as I spent several days in the lovely city of Stockholm several years ago.

Malmö was off to a sleepy Sunday start.  We walked around much of the city, which is a decent size, and by the time we returned to the quaint square of Lilla Torg things were starting to liven up a bit!

We first landed ourselves at “Victors” which initially drove me a bit loopy (literally!) as they had that Toni Braxton “Breath Again” song in some continuous loop for about 20 minutes.  I had to actually go ask the barman to do something about it!  Then it was Peabo Bryson’s “Whenever You’re In My Arms Again” and other such mopey songs. Thankfully it never reached the Michael Bolton or Kenny G stage.

Just as the music started to improve we started to get a bit hungry.  The next bar over looked to be the hamburger mecca of Malmö  so we hopped over there for what was one of the best burgers I have ever had!  Yum!  The restaurant was called “Moosehead” and Leslie had an elk burger while I had the Swedish Black Angus burger.

Hamburger heaven!

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