Love in an elevator?

As expected, I had to change rooms again this morning. The issue was that when I originally booked the room I only booked for one night thinking that I might move to another hotel, but despite the strange circus murals I quite like this place.

My current (3rd) room is one flight down and the same size, layout as the first room but the mural is the same as in the second room, so there must only be about 2 or three different designs.

Before moving this morning, I rinsed out some socks and ‘intimates’ in the sink and rolled them in a towel and took them to my new room. I then thought I should return the towel to the original room and decided to be clever and use the second stairwell to run back up as it was closer to my new room.

Little did I realize that there is no way to get back into the hotel via this stairwell. Seems a bit odd to me, as I assumed it would have the same electronic keycard access as the other stairwell, and there isn’t any “fire exit only” type warning posted, plus I can see room 600 beyond this door (which I am guessing is what they call “the ringmaster suite”, not sure I want to know what goes on in there); but all that was beside the point at them moment.

The hotel is currently only on floors 6-8 (the groovy reception and bar/lounge is on 8 which is the roof). I figured my only option was to go down to where the main lobby of the building is and then came back up.

Off I went down the stairwell and the whole rest of the building is a completely different configuration and it seems as though access to the new elevator has not actually been exposed yet from the old part of the building and the old elevators seem to be shut off.

Meanwhile, the place is a total topsy-turvy construction mess! From what I can gather, the whole building must have been a hotel or dorm at one stage, like something out of the 1950’s. I imagine that all these floors are being converted and they started top down due to the rooftop bar.

Anyway, back to the dilemma! Finally I came across this big Austrian guy in overalls who didn’t know any English and I know about ten words in German (hello, goodbye, please, achtung, heil!, etc.). I kept trying to explain how do I get back to the hotel using sign language like pointing upstairs and resting the side of my head on my hands like I was sleeping. All he would say was “nicht” (no). Well, he got in somehow, so how would he get out?

Finally he thought of the same thing as me when I tried to sign “how do I get out”. The service elevator! So we both climbed in and he brought me down to the ground floor and an exit around the corner from the hotel entrance but at least my soggy towel and I were free! Set free the bears!

On my way back up to my room I thought how funny the cultures are in Europe. If this had happened in Italy that guy would certainly have assumed I was inviting him up to my room (he may have paused to wonder about the towel?) but his mind would generally have headed in a “romantic” direction and he would have made some sort of pass at me in the elevator!

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