Schmetterling Haus

I left the hotel this morning heading in a new direction, the north side of the city, to visit the Liechtenstein Museum only to find it was closed today for some event.

I then took the train into town and wasted €5 going to the Butterfly House only because it was near my subway stop and I figured ‘what the hell’.

I visited a wonderful butterfly farm in Costa Rica a few years ago that was filled with a wide variety of specimens.  The Vienna house had some Blue Morphos and others, but just not that many in total and the signage was poor, what were the names of these guys?

I have also visited the area in Michoacán, Mexico, where the Monarch butterlies migrate to and that is only unbelievable.  A must-do if you are into butterflies.

I would pass on the house in Vienna unless you have never seen a butterfly farm before, in that case you may enjoy it.  Be prepared for heat and humidity though!!!

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2 Responses to Schmetterling Haus

  1. Poly E. says:

    Hi, I visited the butterfly house and liked it very much.I suppose you were a bit spoilt having been to Mexico and Costa Rica to see tropical butterflies.Vienna is not exactly in a tropical zone and I thought it was great being able to experience tropical butterflies in the middle of a European city.Best Regards..

  2. Steve says:

    Judging by the photographs you took it is well worth a visit!!
    You say it costs around Eur 5 to go into the Schmetterlinghaus, which is way cheaper than flying to Costa Rica from Vienna.
    It looks like the butterfly house is well worth a visit and is a great deal for anyone visiting central Vienna. ….regards…

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