Kuntsthistorisches Museum


The Kuntsthistorisches Museum (KHM, for short) is smack in the middle of town along with the rest of most anything one comes to see in Vienna (except, perhaps, Schönbrunn Palace). It is chock full of “the masters” such as Caravaggio, Correggio, Titian, Raphael, Rubens, Bruegel, Vermeer, and Dürer.  It doesn’t beat the Uffizi, but it has an impressive collection.

The building itself is also very stunning!  The center staircase is just magnificent!

I also found two more marble busts to add to my “whole lot of ugly” collection (from Firenze).  I added their photos in the slideshow.  You may think it is the same guy, but surprisingly enough it is not!  Just a very similar coif and unfortunate underbite.

A pleasant way to spend the afternoon, and oddly enough they couldn’t give a hoot if you took pictures as long as you don’t use flash.  Funny.

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  1. caravaggio: he redefines “martial artist”

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