The crown jewels

OK, so not quite “the” crown jewels of The United Kingdom that just simply can’t be matched; I’m taking the crown jewels of Austria.

I figured I couldn’t leave Vienna without seeing them as I have hit just about every other museum worth noting.  So off I skedaddled after visiting the “KHM” (they are not far from each other).

The crown was not as magnificent as I expected, but the rocks are whoppers!  Elsewhere in the museum are aisles and aisles of gold-plated this and thats and more vestments than one can count!  The vestments are amazing in themselves as they are thick with gold thread any must weigh a ton!  All sorts of coronation attire from this crowing and that crowing!

These Austrians had quite the empire at one stage, but the saying still holds true, “what goes up…..”

I got a particular kick out of the Cradle of the King of Rome.

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