Bratislava?  No it is not some variation of Bratwurst, it is the capital of Slovakia.  Still confused?  Slovakia borders Austria in the Northeast, and Vienna and Bratislava are the two closest capitals in the world at just 40 miles apart.

I have actually been to Slovakia before, hiking in the Tatras mountains that are further north, shared with Poland, and have crossed Slovakia into Hungary.  I met my friend Leslie on that trip!

I have been trying to figure out exactly how to get to Bratislava for a few days.  For a place so close, the info on transportation is not good!  I even went to the information center at one of the train stations and he couldn’t tell me anything about any trains that weren’t leaving from the station we were in (?).

I eventually just decided to wing it and take a tour.  I didn’t know what I was going to get but at least I would get there and back, and lunch was included, for €39.

I was picked up promptly at 7:45 am (order is the way around here!) and after picking up some other passengers we were brought to a public bus station and switched over for the approximately 40 minute ride to Bratislava.

In Bratislava we were met by the tourist guide who brought us around the old town which is really very nice!  On a warm, sunny day it must be simply delightful. It was freezing!!! Late afternoon also called for rain so the temperature never really warmed up.   Thank God I brought a wooly scarf with me on my escape to Europe and I took two Smartwool socks with me today to use as gloves!

The guide was full of info about Bratislava and Slovakia. I will add three separate post behind this one:

  • certain places of interest I want to point out
  • general pictures of the town and the castle
  • facts on how to get to Bratislava for anyone searching this info on the internet

We had lunch at a place that wasn’t too bad and I was adopted by two couples from South America who I hadn’t talked to at all at this point.  One couple was from Chile and the other from Argentina.  The Chilean couple lived in Vin del Mar and the man worked in Valparaiso.  My friends Leslie, Ann and I visited both of these places when we took a trip to Chile a few years ago.  So the lot of us had some good discussion about our travels around South America.

Today was also a big wedding day in Bratislava, I think I saw about 6 brides around town today having their photos taken!

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