Auf Wiedersehen, Vienna!

I left Vienna yesterday (Sunday) for somewhere more sunny and warm!  I see the forecast is for it to remain cool and rainy in Vienna, looks like winter is on its way!

As I traveled through airports recently, I find it amusing how smokers are ‘punished’ in parts of Europe.  The attached photos are from the Frankfurt airport and show the boxes that smokers must stand in to get their nicotine fix.  They are like large phone booths and I have seen them packed tight with smokers!   I can’t imagine what additional damage must be done to their lungs just by having to stand in one of these things!

I also found it amusing that the boxes in Frankfurt are supported by two major North Carolinian brands, Winston and Camel 🙂

I am also throwing in a photo of a sign for the baby changing room just because I think the name is fun!

I will miss the horses!  The smell, the clip-clop of the hooves, and their cute little faces!

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