Wherefore art thou?

“Thou art” in Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet!  I have returned to the literal and figurative warmth of my foster homeland!  The extended forecast is for sun and temperatures in the 70’s, perfetto!

I am back in school and once again several people, classmates and teachers, have remarked on my pronunciation; it certainly helps that I can roll my r’s like a naturally born Italian!  If only my vocabulary would catch up!

After class I headed to Vodafone to reactivate my internet key (the jump drive thing for my computer).  €10 for one month of internet access without needing a contract, you just have to love it!  That’s about $14.

Firstly, Verona is very nice!  It is bigger than I expected, and it seems to be brimming with quaint vistas and lovely facades.  I will need to ground myself a bit but will attach some photos from my wanderings after school today.

Secondly, I am in a class of just four women; Sumire is Japanese (every school seems to have Japanese students which I find interesting), Cornelia who is German (there are loads of German learning Italian!) and Marina who is Russian.

Thirdly, there is a Juliet (Giulietta) balcony and I saw it earlier today but you will need to wait until I do the tour of La Casa di Giulietta before I put it in a post.

Let’s focus on Marina for a minute.  She is exactly what one (at least me!) would picture of today’s Russian woman.  She is very attractive and has a great figure and today she was wearing skin tight white jeans and five inch heels and had on a very fashionable top and scarf.  She topped this off with some (presumably faux) drop earrings of pearls and diamonds and looks like she is certainly out to find a man.

On that point, at ‘la pausa’ (the mid-morning break), we went to the local bar for our caffè and she told me that the reason she is in Verona is that she met an Italian guy on the internet about a year ago and finally came to meet him and she has been here, living with him, for about two months now!   She then proceeded to give me the address of the site she used to meet this guy.  I am not entirely sure if she thought I was in need, or if she is hawking this site, or if she genuinely has found a good thing and wants to share the wealth, or what?  I may look at it later and if it is of interesting or funny will report back!

Marina is very nice, vivacious, and garnered a lot of attention today as she showed of her assets.  Her Italian seems to be excellent, to me a least, but she says she is having difficulty with the grammar.  As anyone will tell you, the easiest way to learn a language is to find a boyfriend/girlfriend and learn from them (while enjoying a few side benefits), so I was curious why she was in school.  She told me that this guy she has is very quiet and reserved so doesn’t talk all that much.  Hmm?  I asked her if things were going okay and she said they were, so we’ll see.

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1 Response to Wherefore art thou?

  1. Lacey says:

    I love that when I check out your blog to see what you’re up to, you might be ‘living’ in an entirely different country than last week!

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