Borghetto sul Mincio

Yesterday afternoon I went on one of the school organized trips to a wonderfully cute little town called Borghetto sul Mincio.  There is not much to do there as the town is tiny, it is just one of those places you visit to be entranced by how pretty the world can be and then enjoy a glass or two of wine and a gelato!  It does come with history, though (read on) and is famous in Italy for its tortellini which is celebrated during the third week of June every year.

The area around Verona, including Lake Garda, was formed when a glacier melted many moons ago.  The Mincio river that runs through Borghetto was also formed at this time and between the hills and the river the area was strategically important in terms of controlling water within the region, particulary by the della Scala (aka Scaligeri) who ruled during the 1200-1300’s.  I no doubt will write more about the Scaligeris in a future post.

In the attached photos you can see an old fortress and a bridge that crosses the river.  The bridge was constructed in such a way that it could convert into a damn thus controlling or completely cutting off access to the water.

One of the modern day interesting facts about the area is that there are kiwis growing everywhere!  They look like grapevines, so none of us paid any attention (after a while you start to think “yeah, just another vineyard”!) but then our guide pointed out that they were actually fields upon fields of kiwis!  Who knew!

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