Teatro Romano a Museo Archeologica

I was very tired yesterday afternoon and even though I went to bed early I still woke up later than I hoped this morning.  I was going to go on a day trip somewhere but my late start nixed that idea!

Instead, I decided to buy a “Verona Card” and hit all the major sites.  There is a card that lasts five days and one that lasts just two.  I bought the two day card that costs €15 because I will be back in school come Monday and who knows what outings they may offer next week that will consume my afternoons.

The card allows one free access to 16 different museums/sites in the city and free local bus service, too!  It is a good deal as most entry fees are at least €6 so you make your money back after hitting 3 places “più o meno” (more or less).

As I had a big day ahead of me, I started out at the Teatro Romano a Museo Archeologica as it was the only place on the other side of the River Adige that I wanted to visit.  It is not far from where I am living but I figured it might seem far if I left it till later!

It is similar to the Forum in Rome, but not as dauntingly large.  It dates back to the last quarter of the 1st century B.C. and is considered the most important Roman theatre in northern Italy.

Around 1830, a Veronese man,  Andrea Monga purchased the land, at his own expense, and started the restoration of the site.   The ancient amphitheater is really very nice, especially considering the backdrop of the river.  There are also several arcades of the loggias, and numerous statues and frescoes (in various condition) throughout the site.

An added bonus is that the views of Verona from the Teatro where just beautiful!

Restoration still continues today, like at any old place, my house for instance!  🙂

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