La Casa di Giulietta

The house of Juliet / Juliet’s house.

Depending on your outlook, or current state of affairs of the heart, this visit can be extremely corny, or  …. extremely corny!

Per my post on Castelvecchio, Verona was a commune back in the 1200’s and there were two rival factions, the Guelphs and Ghibellines; within these factions, the families of the Montagues and Capulets existed.  According to what appears to be known about the romance of Romeo and Juliet, their last names were actually Montecchi and Capuleti.

As Shakespeare wrote his play sometime in the late 1500’s, he obviously was referring to a story that would have happened long before his day.

As the story is so old, the houses within Verona designated as being Romeo’s and Juliet’s are highly speculative.  Additionally, Juliet’s balcony was only added to her house in 1936, for tourists!

So, while there apparently is a true story of love across rivaling houses, there is a lot of vagary.

What is true, is that many, many people come to see the balcony and have their picture taken rubbing the right breast of a statue of Juliet that stands in the courtyard (it is supposed to bring luck).

There is also TONS of graffiti, expressions of love, on the walls leading into the courtyard.  This has become such a problem over the years that there is now a room in the house where you can send Juliet an e-mail asking for assistance with matters of the heart!

I took some of the photos of the courtyard and statue of Juliet early one morning before the crowds showed up.

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