Torre dei Lamberti

The Torre dei Lamberti reminds me a lot of the Torre del Mangia in Siena.   They look very similar to me and are of similar height and my legs were screaming out loud when I got to the top of each!  Yeow!


  • Torre del Mangia in Siena:  88 metres tall and exactly 400 steps
  • Torre dei Lamberti in Verona:  84 metres tall and 368 steps to the top

Both offer wonderful views of their city, but I think the view from the Torre del Mangia is better.  It is easier to see the piazza (del Campo) and there are also great views of the Duomo. The views from Torre dei Lamberti, while very nice, are not as spectacular. Although, you can look down upon both Piazza Erbe and Piazza dei Signori (that’s Dante in the middle of Piazza dei Signori)!

It was a ‘must do’ though as I have a thing about climbing up to ridiculous points and towers!  Plus, I have been eating way to many carbs lately so need the added exercise! Lastly, it was the final thing I wanted to do on my Verona Card, so “tick”!   😉

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