Wash and dry

It rained all day here in Verona and I had to choose between buying a pair of rain boots and making an appointment to get my hair colored.

The rain boots won out as the only shoes I have with me are nowhere near being waterproof and I figured I would just buy a box of dye at the supermarket.  O Mio Dio!!!! What has become of me!!!!

After my rain boot purchase I headed to the landromat (lavanderia) that I went to last week and lo and behold there was the same guy that helped explain the place to me last week!  (BTW, “lo” also happens to be one of those God-awful pronouns in Italian!)

We had a pleasant conversation about world politics, pollution, and the best restaurants in town!  He doesn’t seem too keen on all the tourists that arrive in Verona and the fast food places that have opened up as a result but I was not entirely sure if he realized that this was a trade-off with money coming into the city.

In regards to fast food, I haven’t seen any Mickie D’s (or such) here in Verona, but I am sure they exist somewhere.  He also called out the “bad pizza” places which are essentially the pizzerias that sell by the slice (pizza a taglio) and tend to be owned by non-natives.   I can appreciate his opinion on those places!

We assume we will see each other next week for more interesting discussion!   Same bat time, same bat place 🙂

Dopo (afterwards), I headed home for a different sort of wash and dry, the coloring of my hair.

I bought the dye at the supermercato near the lavanderia but hadn’t considered that all the instructions would be in Italian!!   Fortunately, it wasn’t nearly as complicated as understanding the instructions at the lavanderia and I understood it all so everything worked out successfully! Well, for now at least!   I may have a different opinion when I see myself in the morning!

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