Padova (Padua) – parte due

To finish recounting my trip to Padova:

The “Prato della Valle” in Padova is the biggest piazza in Italy and one of the (if not the) biggest in Europe. It is a huge green ellipse surrounded by a canal/moat and two rows of 78 statues of famous citizens.  It is a beautiful piazza that gives off a small feeling of Venezia or Paris.

Although we didn’t eat or drink there, we walked through Caffè Pedrocchi which is well renowned. It opened in 1831 and quickly became the center of Padova’s social life and was frequented artists, intellectuals, and professors and students of the university.

We did eat a lot during the day though!!  After lunch we stopped by a wonderful gelateria and before heading back to the train station we stopped in one piazza for roasted chestnuts.  Yum!   I have visited several vendors in Verona, too, in Piazza Erbe!  Chestnuts are such a cozy thing to have in the fall/winter, are fun to share, and remind me of my days in New York.

On the ride back to Verona, we were asking our guide for a recommendation for a good bar and she described the location of a place she liked but couldn’t recall the name.

Later, when we visited the bar in question, we discovered its name is “Amnesya”!  Hmm!?

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