Today we had an entertaining moment that caused us to bite our tongues for a minute or two.

My l’insegnante, Enrico, was trying to explain the definition of ‘adatto’ to us today and we just weren’t getting it.  As there are two Americans in the class (myself included) and my other two classmates also speak English, Enrico ended up telling us the word in English but he kept saying ‘sweetbull’ which we weren’t getting either!!

Eventually he wrote the word on the board, “suitable”!!  Too funny!  The ‘suit’ part obviously got mixed up with “suite” and as many Italian words end in “ibile, i.e. “incredibile”, I assume he was just trying to not pronounce the “ble” part just as he would to convert “incredibile” to “incredible”.

It is always the little moments like that when we students don’t feel so stupid!!   But you can’t laugh as God knows how many ridiculous things we do with the Italian language!

Examples of other words Italians seem to have trouble with are “mother”, “father”, “world”, “water” and “built”.

Pat, my very precise American friend, said that she read that all children know how to pronounce all the various language curiosities and diphthongs and such when they are extremely young and babbling and learning to talk and they simply get trained out of the sounds that they don’t need to use in whatever language they end up speaking.

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