The Duke and The Liar

It was another rainy day in Verona on Monday and looks like the weather may be poor for a couple of days.  Good thing I chose rain boots over a professional dye job last week. 🙂

Several of my classmates and I went for dinner at a place called “Osteria del Duca” (Osteria of the Duke) and had a wonderful time!   One of the women had been there a few weeks ago and the waiter, Christian, remembered her and seated us downstairs in the main dining room.  I had a wonderful meal of Pappardelle d’Anatra (pasta with duck ragù/meat sauce).  On top of that, the waiter is really cute so the female students at the table had quite a lot to feast their eyes upon!

It seems that this restaurant can have some mixed reviews as an osteria tends to have more traditional items on the menu than a ristorante and that can turn a lot of people off (i.e. horse, donkey, rabbit) and the tourists are usually sent to dine upstairs which isn’t as nice.

Afterwards, we went to a very popular bar, “Il Bugiardo” (The Liar), for a few glasses of Valpolicella Classico (a wine from this region and therefore only €2 per glass here in Verona!).

“Il Bugiardo” is normally packed tight and people spill into the street with their drinks, but tonight it was quite, presumably a combination of it being Monday and raining, and we found a nice little spot to tuck into near a window.

Just another evening in Italy!

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