I awoke to an earthquake (un terremoto) this morning!  It occurred at about 6:15 and later I found out that it registered 4.4 and the epicenter was about 20 miles north of Verona.

Initially what woke me was a strange rumbling sound, as if a massive, unsettled, truck was struggling down the road.   Then the movement came into the house and under my bed and shook the place for about 20 seconds or so.

It have felt minor earthquakes before, so I wasn’t scared.  At that time of the morning, when I was still asleep, it felt more confusing than anything else.  Am I dreaming?  Is something happening outside?  Is this an earthquake?

I missed the quake in North Carolina that happened a couple of months ago, so I suppose this quake was to square things up!

Later, when talking with some classmates from school it was interesting to share our thoughts on the incident, especially if we were still (half) asleep when it happened!  The whole notion of the earth moving like that is really quite weird!?

One guy at school, Garrick, is from New Zealand and was living in Christchurch when their massive earthquake happened and said that there have been over 7,000 tremors/quakes since then; can you imagine?  He said he wasn’t scared by this one but that it is hard not to flashback to when the major one occurred.

My American friend, Patricia, is from San Francisco so didn’t think much of it either.

However, another student, Laura, from Sydney, was a bit shaken by it as she had never felt an earthquake before.  I thought that was quite interesting considering how close Australia and New Zealand are, but is seems that all the fault lines are around/under New Zealand!

I would sum the event up to say it felt like I was in one of those massage chairs at the mall!

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