Slow food, Italy

This afternoon I had lunch at the home of the woman who owns the apartment in which I am staying.  Her name is Cristina.  She is married and has two adolescent sons.

The home is modest, just on the outskirts of what one would call the center of Verona.  It is split level with four zig-zaggy levels in total from what I could tell.  The kitchen and dining room are almost one room and one can see up into the living room while at the table so the house feels pretty open and this allows for a lot of light, too.

We had a wonderful risotto with minced pork and cinnamon, followed by beef and potatoes, and then cake that contained amaretto and almonds and had an interesting course texture; all very typical of Verona.  I normally don’t like things that contain amaretto, but the cake was pretty good!  To drink, there was a mix of prosecco and other wines followed by espresso.  The boys were very social and helped setting the table and clearing the dishes.

Afterwards, we drove to a town on Lago di Gardo called Lazise where a “slow food” fair was being held.

First we took a stroll along the edge of the lake where some kids were feeding a huge group of ducks and swans.  The swans were very tame and came right up to the kids without being in any way aggressive or timid so I went over to pet one of them.  They are surprisingly hard!  Their feathers give the impression that they would be soft, but it was pretty much like petting a short haired dog.  A few were also a very odd brownish color that I have never seen before on a swan.

We then walked through the fair which was wonderful!  Cheeses, oils, meats, wine, and truffles!!  Lots of little tastings throughout!  I suppose I had at least three lunches today and then still made room for gelato!

Cristina and Aldo then brought me home at about 7:00 or so.  It was a wonderful day and I can’t begin to describe what a nice couple they are and how happy they seem!

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