Dolcetto o scherzetto

“Dolcetto o scherzetto” means “treat or trick” in Italian, their version of the Halloween line!

The holiday is only about four or five years old here and I am not completely sure of how they celebrate but it seems that the kids just visit the homes of their friends for something sweet.  Few seem to dress up in any costume, though.   I suppose the kids have simply seen the holiday depicted on American TV shows so naturally want there go at some free candy, too!

Some of my newfound friends from school, Laura (Australia), Garrick (New Zealand), and Sophie (England, a town close to Wales), went to dinner and then for a drink at “Il Bugiardo” (the liar) which is a very popular bar here in Verona.  I suppose the name was perfect for the evening, too!   There were a few people dressed up, too!

The temperature has been very nice the last few days so we brought our drinks out to the street which is quite a fun way to socialize here in Verona!

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