Today was the Catholic holiday of “All Saints Day” which in Italian is “Ognissanti” (which actually translates to “every saint”).

School was closed today for the holiday so I actually slept in for the first time in God knows….!   Outside of my time in Ireland, I know I can count on one hand how many days I have slept in late since mid-July.  Every day, even on the weekends, I have been getting up to go to school or do some site-seeing.

Also, there is something very strange about my bed here in Verona as for some reason or another I sleep really well in it!   It is nothing at all to look at and the sheets and blankets are all mismatched but it just suits my sleep habits perfectly!  There isn’t even a box-spring.  I don’t know why I sleep so well on it but being able to sleep late in it today was a real treat!

Anyway, Laura (Australia) organized a meet for lunch today and it ended up being just the two of us and Sophie (England, but near Wales) which was actually quite nice as we we were able to do some window shopping without worrying about any guy getting bored or fed up!  The Italians are so stylish and the shop windows are always changing so it is fun to see what’s new and enticing!

Laura and Sophie are both very nice, as are pretty much all the students at school, and of course we all have a lot in common due to the ‘wanderlust’ of enjoying travel and wanting to learn Italian, and being far from home living in some strange situation!

Last night, Sophie got home at about 10:30 (after our drink at “Il Bugiardo”) and assumed her landlady was also in the house (she is doing a “family share”) so bolted the door.

Well, it seems the landlady was also out on the town and arrived home later on and was locked out as there is no key for the bolt!   Sophie never heard her at the door and in the morning she showed up quite irate with Sophie for locking the bolt!

Poor Sophie!   She is the cutest thing as she has this teeny-tiny little high pitched voice that initially makes you think “is it real??”.  She sounds like a tiny little girl so everything she says just sounds so innocent!

Sophie was extremely apologetic and bought the landlady a bottle of wine and left her a note.

Sophie has been in Italy for probably about eight months working for a travel company for the English.  You would think she would know a lot of Italian after all this time but all the travelers speak English so she hasn’t had much time time to practice and listen to Italian which is why she is at school.

She told us the funniest story today about how she called the water company in the UK to pay her bill once and they thought she was playing a prank as her voice is so tiny!   They said they didn’t believe she was who she said she was and on and on like that and she had a terrible time trying to pay her bill!!

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