La pioggia


I suppose it was appropriate that it was raining on what was likely to have been my last day in Italy this year.  I also got yet another day’s use out of my rainboots!

After class today, a bunch of us went to lunch at a nearby osteria and I had ‘bigoli all’anatra’. Bigoli is a regional pasta and is like a thicker version of spaghetti,  ‘all’anatra’ means with duck ragù (sauce).

It was sad to say goodbye to certain people, like Sumire, the Japanese woman, as it is highly unlikely that I will see her again…but who knows!

Afterwards, Pat and I went for a gelato only to find that that best place in town closed on October 31st and won’t reopen until Spring!   Does this represent an example of what is wrong with the economy?  I can certainly understand that people eat less gelato in the winter and that tourism also decreases, but what do the owner and his staff do in the ‘off season’ and is it actually smarter to close down completely?  Don’t know!

Pat and I went for a coffee (for her) and hot chocolate (for me) instead.  Then Pat was gracious enough to walk me back to my flat and then take the keys back to school so they could make their way back to the flat owner while I headed to the train station.

I flew out of Milan (Malpensa) and the weather was atrocious!  The train was late and then I had to get a bus to the airport.  It was Friday afternoon, and raining hard, so the traffic out of the city was very bad and I arrived at the airport about 40 minutes later than I had hoped, but it all worked out ok.

While waiting for the train in Verona, the “Orient-Express” train pulled in for a quick stop.  Verona is on the Milan to Venice line and the Orient Express starts/ends in Venice. Through the windows I could see all the staff in their white jackets and the dining car was all dressed in linens and tabletop lamps, etc.  Just like described/portrayed in Agatha Christie’s “Murder in the Orient Express”.

So where am I?  Dublin!  And what did my mother make for dinner?  Italian!  Jeez!!  Too funny!

I head off to another adventure in a few days, this is just a pit stop!

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