Southern hospitality

I woke up this morning and figured if one car was already in the shop I might as well go ‘whole hog’ (a Southern BBQ term meaning something akin to ‘all in’, i.e. cooking the whole pig) and bring the other car to the dealer for its scheduled maintenance, too!

This particular dealer does not have loaner cars, they will just pick you up/drop you off before and after service is completed.  I asked them if they could bring me to the closest Enterprise car rental so I could get a car for the day as I had to get my hair colored, go to the dentist, see Charlie (my career coach) and several other things.

The shuttle driver was probably in his late 70’s and as we were driving out of the lot he remarked that he left the house this morning with his jacket on but that the day was turning out to be quite nice and he was warming up a bit and was seriously thinking he should take it off.  I asked him if he was hitting on me!  He got a big kick out of that and we had an entertaining conversation about sexual harassment and how easily things can be misconstrued (intentionally or not).  We both agreed, laughingly, that he should keep his clothes on until I got out of the car!

As luck would have it, Enterprise had no cars available!  Zero, nil, zilch, nada!  They were gracious enough to drive me home as now I was stranded.  They suggested that I call back in a while and see if a car came back in and that they would bring it to me.

Once home, I figured I would just walk to the salon as it is only about 2 miles away.  Let me tell you that in my town this is perceived to be a highly unusual act as no one would walk two miles to get anywhere unless they couldn’t afford a car or they lost their license due to a DUI (“driving under the influence” of alcohol)!

Everyone at the salon was delighted to see me back after four months and enjoyed the voicemail that I had left them last month, in Italian, canceling my last appointment (followed by an English version!).

I told them my story with the cars and my stylist said I could borrow his BMW X5 SUV for the rest of the day as he was slammed and would be working through lunch so didn’t need the car!  Awesome!

I went to the dentist, had some Mexican for lunch (yum!), visited Charlie, and did some grocery shopping.  I also went by the car dealer as we realized that the car needed to be inspected and they needed the registration.  While I was there, I saw the shuttle driver from this morning and he said he told several people about our conversation this morning as he got such a kick out of it!

I dropped the BMW back at the salon at about 3:30, leaving a bottle of Chianti Classico in the driver’s seat.

I then walked home.

I am so mixed up!  I love how easygoing my town can be, but it can also be stifling as I love the adventure of being somewhere different!

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