“Dark-thirty”.  That’s what time we had to get up this morning to head to Ushuaia, at the very tip of South America, the southernmost city in the world!

“We”?  My friend Leslie flew over from Montevideo, Uruguay, last night and we went out for some more steak (lomo, again!  Yum!) and got back to the hotel at about 10:30 just in time to set the alarm for 1:30 as we needed to head to the airport at 2:15am!  Mamma Mia!!!

Whose idea was this anyway!  Well, this is actually a trip we had planned for this time last year but some unfortunate events occurred and we had to postpone for a year.  Why a year?  Well, because this is springtime in South America so we wanted to take advantage of the warmer weather as Patagonia can be quite cold even in the summer!

We had the first flight out of the airport (surprise!) and there were quite a few misfortunate souls sleeping around the floor, presumably their connecting flights came in the prior evening and they couldn’t justify a hotel.  This can be an issue in South America as many flights are overnight (or somewhat overnight) and then internal flights to places like Cusco and Ushuaia tend to be in the wee hours so connections / layovers can be very awkward.

The flight from Buenos Aires was about 3 1/2 hours and the plane stayed dark pretty much the whole time as literally everyone was asleep!

Shortly before arriving, we saw our first views of the Andes, snowcapped and jagged.  Then the plane started to shudder quite significantly and toss quite a bit from side to side for what seemed like a long time.  It was almost like having an earthquake in the air.  I don’t tend to get nervous over things (except being on the water, I have a fear of water!) but this jostling was not very pleasant at all!  Presumably it is due to the wind over the peaks and being so far south / near the Antarctic.

I realized at this point that none of my relatives actually know where I am (literally, what hotels and flights I have scheduled) all they know is that I am in Patagonia.  So, who knows how long it would take for them to realize I had gone missing and was eaten by the surviving passengers!

Note to Lacey and Ann:  I actually thought of Kamina during this portion of the flight, there is no doubt whatsoever that this would have been very distressing for her, so FYI in case she ever plans a trip to Ushuaia!

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