Rock on!

After I came back from Ushuaia, Leslie was still sleeping so I went for a walk on the beach and collected a load of shells and rocks!

I know Leslie will chuckle at me over this as I hoarded a ton (seriously, a ton!) of rocks of a beach in Snaefellsnes, Iceland when we went there a few years ago!  The rocks there were just gorgeous! The best rocks ever! This was right before the crackdown on luggage weight!

Also one of my favorite hotels is on the Snaefellsnes peninsula (the Hótel Búðir) and I had one of my most memorable meals at that hotel, rabbit!

Those rocks bring back happy memories!

The shells I collected today are now happily resting on a towel in the bathroom, awaiting to be spotted by Leslie when she awakes!

Attached our views from the beach (same as from the bedroom) and the beautiful shells!  Also a photo of the Pisco Sour I had while writing this blog!  🙂

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