Ushuaia, the end of the world!

Yes, Ushuaia is called “the end of the world”…as we know it…and I do feel fine!  Albeit a bit tired!

We arrived at the hotel around 9:30-ish and after checking in, etc., Leslie had to take a conference call and wanted to sleep so I headed into town.

There is a hotel shuttle in/out of town several times a day so I went in on the 11:00am and returned on the 2:25 and I pretty much saw the whole town, plus had a hamburger and a glass of Malbec!  There is obviously more to see in the environs, but the town itself is quite small.

There are at least two casinos in Ushuaia, so I imagine that based on your definition of ‘the end of the world’ you might want to come here and blow it all away on the ‘craps’ table?

Attached are some photos of the town!

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