Cruising Cape Horn

One of the adventures Leslie and I planned to do while in Patagonia was to take a three night cruise around Cape Horn which is the southernmost tip of land before heading into the vastness of the Antarctic Ocean.

As such, after the tour of the Tierra del Fuego National Park, we returned to the hotel to collect our bags and head into town to the office of “Cruceros Australis®” to check in for the cruise which took us from Argentina to Chile via a most interesting and scenic route to Cape Horn and then through the fjords and Strait of Magellan.

We dropped off our bags, a couple of forms, and our passports and had enough time for a quick late lunch before we needed to be at the dock to board the boat.

I am afraid of the water (not so much of being in a big boat on the water, but rather afraid of being in the water) so I am not used to harbors, ships, and what goes on around docks, etc.

The harbor here in Ushuaia has many large, deep-sea fishing ships and there were two ice-breakers waiting to take passengers to the Antarctic.   I found it quite interesting!

We boarded the Via Australis at about 5:00 and were pleased with the room as it was a bit larger than we expected (still small, but better than we expected!) and the bathroom was a decent size and there was a huge big window!  Our bags had been transported to the room earlier from the office in town.

We then decided to snoop around the rest of the boat. There is a reception area with some games and books you can check out and souvenirs, t-shirts, etc., two lounges (one with the bar) a lounge, a big bar/lounge, the dining room, and the top deck.  Everything looked pretty good!

There was an itinerary of the trip in the room and a “welcome” champagne at 6:00 for the captain to introduce himself and the crew and explain safety procedures and give us some more insight as to what to expect on the trip.

At 8:00 we headed to dinner and met our tablemates.  We were assigned to table 11 and this is where we need to eat all meals during the trip.  Everyone else at the table was from Switzerland!  One family of four (German speakers), and two couples (one German speaking and one French speaking).  It was quite funny as Leslie used to live in Geneva but the cruise line didn’t know this.   German, however, is not one of the languages she speaks, but we all figured out how to talk to each other!

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