Glorious glaciers

We were told that Sunday night / Monday morning would probably be the roughest water of the trip as we were heading into the fjords.  I am not entirely sure if it is because the Atlantic and Pacific might push against each other somewhat here, but apparently the Chilean side of Patagonia is much windier and rougher then the Argentine side.

There was no morning excursion planned but the scenery here was beautiful and the peaks were high enough to still have snow.

During the course of the morning there was a sailing knots class which was quite entertaining and humorous as we poorly attempted to make some of the simplest knots in existence!!  This was followed by a Chilean wine presentation.

In the afternoon we headed into the Chico Sound and Alacalufe Fjord to visit the Piloto and Nena glaciers.

This area was very interesting as the weather was noticeably colder and parts of the sea were strewn with ice chinks from the glaciers!

We bundled up for the Zodiac trip.  At this point I’m wearing pretty much what I had on for Horn Island: my thermal pants with a pair of micro weight wool tights underneath, my double-layer of long sleeve micro-weight long sleeve Ts, wool hat, a fleece balaclava type hood/hat, gloves (with WindStopper), my fleece (which I did not wear to Horn Island) and my Northface® summit series jacket (Hyvent Alpha) that is wind and rain resistant.  The fleece hood and jacket hood were up the whole time but I had my gloves off about half the time to take pictures, etc.

Again, the sea was very calm today and there was much wind.  We have been very lucky with weather!!

As we entered the Alacalude Fjord we began to see dozens and dozens of Horned Cormorants nesting in the rock face.

As we approached the Polito Glacier we witnessed a calving which is when a huge chunk of ice separates from the glaciers and crashes into the sea.  The sound was incredible!  It was amazingly loud!

We enjoyed the glaciers for about 45 minutes and also came upon a waterfall and then headed back to the boat.

Dinner this evening was followed by a raffle of the ship’s Jack (the flag that sails at the front of the ship) and an auction of the navigational map used to sail down to Horn Island.

Leslie and I had asked beforehand what the general high bid for the map was and we were told it was US $300 but has gone as high as $1,000!

The auction was incredibly fun as both Leslie and I were somewhat interested in the map so we engaged in the bidding for quite some time!  As we were both registered as being Irish on the boat the auctioneer kept calling out that once again Irlanda places a bid.  He would throw in some funny lines about U2, etc., too!

I dropped out of the bidding at about $175 but a Frenchman, Leslie and a Swiss woman kept going.  Finally the Frenchman dropped out, then did Leslie, and the Swiss woman went home with the map for $270!  It was great fun!!

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