Magellan Strait and Magdalena Island

We had another early start this morning to visit the Magellan Penguins on Magdalena Island which is in the Magellan Strait and just a little north of the town of Punta Arenas (where we disembark permanently).

Once again we were very lucky with the weather and had an easy disembarkation onto the island where we got to witness the daily life of about 70,000 pairs of penguins!

There is a marked trail that we needed to stay on and the penguins had to cross over it to get to the sea and back but they really paid very little attention to us!  We were asked to just stop still and let them pass whenever they crossed the path.

The males dig burrows in the ground and entice the females with their handiwork.  As a couple, the generally give birth to two eggs and share the duties of taking care of the young until he/she is about 3 years old and is when they have achieved full coloration. They grow to full size quite rapidly so this is quite the challenge for the parents who take turns going to sea to find food.

We saw a couple of them fighting which is a battle of the peaks and a few mating, too!

They are very entertaining little fellows!

Overall on the cruise we saw dolphins, Minke whales, Magellanic Penguins, beavers, and a wide variety of seabirds such as comorants, skuas, and kelp geese.

We disembarked in Punta Arenas at about noon-ish.

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