Punta Arenas

I must say that there is not a whole hell of a lot to see in this town.  It is simply a layover spot for a lot of connections to other parts of Chile, Patagonia, and the Antarctic.

This is the coldest we have been since starting the trip.  I would say the temperature is about 48ºF, and a bit windy.  We arrived at about noon-ish and all afternoon/evening the weather flipped from light rain to sun.

Clothing today: thermal pants (no tights underneath), my double-layer of long sleeve micro-weight long sleeve Ts, a wool hat, Roeckl® gloves with WindStopper®, my fleece, and instead of my fleece or down jacket I had on a Northface® summit series jacket (Hyvent Alpha) that is wind and rain resistant.

Oddly enough, though, a friend of Leslie’s was in town as she was taking the very same Via Australis boat from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia (the reverse trip) and was then heading to Antartica!   She was a lovely, high spirited lady and we had lunch and drink together and it was a pleasant way to kill the afternoon!

Later we ran into the Scottish couple that were on the boat with us and they are heading to the same place we are going today (Wednesday, Nov 23).  There are also two Americans that we met on the boat that are also doing the same thing!

In fact, as I type, I am in a mini-van taking a 5 hour drive to our next destination.  With me are Leslie, an American couple from New Orleans (who were not on the boat) and a couple from Santiago, Chile.

As we head north, the scenery here is very flat and the vegetation very scrubby.  We are seeing a lot of cows, sheep, and a bird called the Nandu (Rhea) which is similar to an Ostrich or Emu.

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