Thanksgiving, Chile style!

There are always some light appetizers around the common areas starting at about 4:00-5:00 or so, to bridge us to dinner.  On Thanksgiving some of the appetizers were tiny little chicken wings dressed up like turkey legs with foil wrapped around their ends!  There was also pumpkin soup as a first course option at dinner.

One group of Americans staying at the hotel also had specially requested Turkey for dinner which had to be ordered and brought from Punta Arenas (five hours away)!

As an aside, the group I reference above is very peculiar.  They look like aged-out hippies.  One of them has a long black braid down to her waist and always wears a bandana folded to about 2 inches wide and then wrapped around her forehead and knotted in the back.  She also always wears a long floppy shirt over her jeans, legwarmers and moccasins.  I call her Pocahontas, so it is very appropriate that she should be sharing turkey with her white brethren!

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